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The first official Post Office

Cardiff Post Office, Veronica St in approx 1950. The first official Post Office in Cardiff, however Cardiff has had a postmaster since 1891, part of the building still stands today in Cardiff.


CARDIFF POSTAL SERVICES  |  Since 1891 | First official Post Office Veronica St, Cardiff

As Cardiff began to steadily grow with the influx of miners and a growing farming population, the South Wallsend Coal and Mining company in 1891 drew the attention of the Postal department to the need for an office for Postal Services. The coal Companies pay office with the  Company’s timekeeper, Mr Charles Duthie in charge, for carrying the mail to and from the rail platform. His assistant at this time was Miss Johnson.

Mr. Duthie resigned in 1895 and Mrs. F Williams, Gatekeeper, at the railway platform was appointed and took over in January 1896, using Mr Duthies office. The Post Office was later moved to the railway platform in July 1896 with Mrs Williams using a partitioned area of the railway waiting room. Mr J O’Connell was appointed Postmaster.

The Dual position of Stationmaster and Postmaster continued with Mr. P Houlahan following Mr O’Connell and when the new Cardiff Station was built Mr G Thompson succeeded in 1903.

In 1911 the Post Office was moved from the rail station to the residence of Mrs. Johnson, just above the station on Main Rd, Cardiff. Mrs Johnson then became Postmistress. Later on Miss J Jones and Miss O Spencer were to follow Mrs Johnson. Cardiff was not to have an official Post Office until 1946.


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