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CARDIFF SETTLEMENT  |  Since 1833 | A view of  Main Rd, Cardiff

As Coal mining was at first  the main industry in the area of Cardiff, a few small private villages began to emerge in the Cardiff South area, of miners who worked at one the earliest mines, the Australasian Coal Mine.

The village of Coalbrook developed in the area bound by First Street, Lake Ave, Fifth St and onto Oak and Elm Ave on the Windy Cree boundary. Jonestown adjoined the before mentioned village and it was bounded by the other side of Fifth St to Boronia St and Benjamin St and both sides of Elizabeth St to Winding Creek boundary in Cardiff South. This was part of John Jones early selection of 1862.

The Name – CARDIFF

Cardiff was originally known as Winding Cree, due to the creek running through the small township. Later when mining activity began the township became known as Lymington. Confusion arose over this name with the Postal authorities, as the name conflicted with an estate called “Lymington” which had been subdivided into town allotments previously granted to Jonathon Warner as a Crown grant before 1830 and made freehold in the township now known as Warners Bay. Therefore at the suggestion of Mr. J Edwards, an early settler in the area, who was originally from Wales, it became known as Cardiff in approx 1888.


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