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CARDIFF MAIN RD | 1940 | A view of Main Rd, Cardiff

This picture taken of Main rd Cardiff looking east in the late 1940’s by the parents of A.Outram.


The first building on the right hand side was Crabtree’s boot shop. Next along was the local Billiard Salon known to the locals as Pathy Hepplewhite’s Billiard rooms. Further along the road on the corner of Main Rd and Harrison St was Fords hardware. The floor in this shop was an old rickety wooden floor that creaked when you walked over it. The corner it was situated on became locally known as Fords Corner. The shop was owned by Harry Ford and the building was brought by horse and Drays from Wallsend in approx the mid 1920’s.

Across the road on the corner of Main Rd and Maryanne St was a mixed business known as Wardell’s Shop. This shop was a mixed business, selling just about anything, including haberdashery. It also had a wooden floor that went up a few steps towards the back. By late 50’s or early 60’s it had passed onto to the Gleeson family and was then known as Gleeson’s Shop.

During the course of time the Main Rd has been levelled somewhat and the open running creek situated just before the hotel runs under the road. This creek, over the years has been built over and is now a storm water drain. The fenced in area on the left hand side of the road was part of the creek, and eels were a common occurrence there.


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