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CARDIFF RAILWAY STATION |  1887 to Current | Main Rd Cardiff

Rail construction first started in Cardiff in 1883 and was completed in 1887. The first Railway Platform in Cardiff was built in 1888. At that time Cardiff was known as Winding Creek and was re-named Cardiff in 1889.

It was a single line and the platform was almost opposite the where Cardiff RSL club is now. During the railway construction work a shop was operating near the station that supplied groceries to the workers called Monk & Butlers Grocery Store. Also near this sight was a Barber called Gordon that operated from a residence made of bag and canvas. A man by the name of Jonnie McFadyn a Scottish man played his bagpipes each night on the old station.

The Platform was unattended for two years until 1891 when a second line was laid and two platforms where added. A Mrs Fanny Williams became the gatekeeper for the crossing over Macquarie Rd, Mrs Williams was also the first postmaster of Cardiff.

The original line was found to be too steep for efficient haulage and as a result work began on a new location gangs of several hundred men arrived to work on the new line and camped in Fettlers Camp situated in the vicinity of the old platforms.

Once the new line was opened in 1902 the old platform was abandoned, and Cardiff railway station was opened the same station that stands today.


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